Notarial acts

Art. 2 of the Law of 14 February 1991: Notarial law (the Journal of Laws of 2008, No. 189, item 1158) reads:
"Art. 2 § 1. The notary, in the scope of his qualifications, as specified in art. 1, acts as a person of public credibility, exercising the protection provided for public functionaries.
§ 2. Notarial acts performed by the notary in conformity with the law have the characteristics of an official document.
§ 3. Notarial acts are performed in Polish. Upon the request of a party, the notary may additionally perform this act in a foreign language, making use of his command of the foreign language demonstrated in the manner determined for sworn translators or using the assistance of a sworn translator."

Pursuant to the content of art. 79 of the said Law, the notary performs the following acts:
1) draws up notarial deeds;
1a) draws up deeds of certification of inheritance;
2) draws up certificates;
3) serves declarations;
4) makes records;
5) draws up bills of exchange protests and cheque protests;
6) takes into custody documents, money and securities;
7) draws up extracts, copies and abstracts of documents;
8) draws up, upon the request of parties, drafts of deeds, declarations and other documents;
9) performs other acts resulting from separate provisions.

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