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Jan Borski Notariusz Tłumacz przysięgły języka niemieckiego

Jan Borski

having completed a period of full training, including notarial internship, examination and assessorship, was appointed notary public on 15 January 2009.

On 24 February 2009, he took over the Notarial Office of Mr Kazimierz Ludwik Heliński in Szczecin (following its 12 years existence), as Mr K. L. Heliński reached 70 years of age retired by operation of law. Although formerly the office was located in Tkacka Street, the Szczecin's Old Town, an the new loaction form 2014/01/01 is in 30/1, Aleja Niepodleglosci - across from the shopping mall "KASKADA" (look the site plan in the position "Contact").

Notary public Jan Borski is also a sworn translator/interpreter of German, entered in the register conducted by the Polish Minister of Justice with the number of TP 76/09. Moreover, he has an approval from the Notarial Chamber Board in Szczecin for his additional performing as a sworn translator. Being an notary public and a sworn translator at the same time, under art. 2 par. 3 of the Act of 14 February 1991 "Law of Notarial Services" (Journal of Laws of 2002 no 42 item 369 as amended), he is licensed to perform all notarial acts simultaneously in Polish and German languages, without having to call for other sworn translators or interpreters. In Jan Borski's notarial office information in German, English and Russian is available.

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